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   Friday, November 24th   
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Local Sports

Texas Motor Speedway
is a multi-million dollar 1.5-mile oval track with banked turns built by Bruton Smith in 1995. It plays host to multiple NASCAR events like the SprintCup races, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, and the Indy Racing League IndyCup. The speedway has enough lighting for 11 NFL stadiums and 24 degree banked turns and was the first place a nighttime IndyCup race was held. It has featured such musicians as the Rolling Stones, DMB, Wynonna Judd, and Randy Travis.

Cowboys Stadium
- The Dallas Cowboys' home is the world's largest domed structure and the 4th largest stadium in the NFL with 80,000 seats. It cost a record $1.5 billion to build, more than any other sporting venue before, and its main display board is actually the largest HD TV in the world. In addition to being the home of the Dallas Cowboys, the stadium hosts college basketball, the Cotton Bowl, the American Rodeo, Monster Jam, and has had many famous musicians perform such as George Strait and Paul McCartney.

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
is home to the Texas Rangers seating over 48,000 fans and featuring special attractions like the unique Greene's Hill, a turf slope in center field that creates a background for batters to better see the ball, and a four-story office building structure stretching from left center to right center field. The stadium is "home-run friendly" thanks to the usually warm weather and design which allows wind to carry some balls further than they would normally travel.

Colonial National Invitational Golf Tournament is an annual PGA Tour held at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth every May. It is the longest running PGA Tour held at the same location every year since 1946 and owes much of its fame to legendary golfer and Fort Worth native, Ben Hogan. The Colonial was built in 1936 and has always ranked in the top 100 golf courses around the country and the world. It features a Ben Hogan Trophy Room complete with memorabilia. It is also the only club to host all 3 PGA Tour, Player's Championship, and a U.S. Open. Winnings include a traditional Scottish tartan jacket, a gold diamond ring, and the winner's name on the Leonard Trophy.

There are also many private and municipal golf courses to choose from in the Fort Worth area.

Hunting: Texas Parks and Wildlife licenses and manages seasons for alligator, chachalaca, deer, javelina, pronghorn, rabbits (no closed season), squirrel, duck, dove, turkey, goose, rail, moorhen, pheasant, quail, sandhill crane, snipe, and woodcock. Furbearers include badger, beaver, civet cat (spotted skunk), fox, mink, muskrat, nutria, opossum, otter, raccoon, ring-tailed cat, and skunk.

Fishing: Texas has freshwater fishing mainly for bass, bullheads, catfish, crappie, sunfish, carp, minnow, gar, and suckers. Less common fishing for eel, bowfin, pickerel, drum, paddlefish, trout, cichlid, shad, and walleye. The gulf, about 5 hours away from base, offers marine fishing which includes whelk, crab, sea turtle, pinfish, pigfish, catfish, croaker, flounder, mullet, eel, drum, sea trout, amberjack, snook, and oyster. Check with the Texas Parks and Wildlife department for more information.
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